Thursday, September 24, 2015

To you:

I don't know if anyone told you this today but I love you, you are valuable, you are heard, and you matter. In all your fragility, in all your resiliency, you carry in you the hopes, dreams, desires, fears, passion, fire, and energy of all those who have come before you and those yet to be born.

You are everything and more. You are earth and sky, grounded and free. No one needs to tell you this, you know this already, or maybe you forgot. Let me remind you:

Ignorance does not phase you, for you created libraries, you ARE libraries, your skin carries centuries of history, you hold in you the key to all of our knowing, to all of our humanity.


Be angry and mobilize. Cry and move through.
Be open.
Be vulnerable.
Be authentic.
Be transparent.
Be real.
Be focused.
Be change agents.
Be intentional.
Be happy.

You are everything. You are dynamic. Your experience is like no others. Tell it. Name it. Let us be made uncomfortable by it.


When we liberate ourselves from the confines of stereotypes, systems, the voices and opinions of the uninformed we can more intentionally give energy to our own community, our own growth, our own purpose, meaning and collective liberation.

Because we are everything. We are power. We are whole. We are resilient. We are secure. We are survivors. We are here.