Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When my Honey's Away, I Will Play (and by Play I Mean Clean)

It has been almost three months since we moved into our new apartments and I have still gotten nothing done. Right after moving in I started my new job, the exact same day I was diagnosed with the flu and was immobile for a week, then I jumped right back into work. I have spent the past six (going on seven) weeks balancing work, home, dogs, my partner, and life and let me tell you know it is not easy! So of course things have to get sacrificed... and the first thing to go, my apartment.

See what they don't tell you on Pinterest when you are looking at all the beautiful apartments, things, organizing tools, etc that you want to have or try is that it takes time and money (both of which I do not have).  Now don't get me wrong, I love the hours I get lost on Pinterest (those are probably the hours I could have been cleaning and organizing my apartment- don't judge me) but for me, decorating, organizing, and cleaning will be about using what I already have accessible to me in order to make my home beautiful (Pinterest worthy even). 
I have some wonderful items I found at my favorite stores: Home Goods, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Sam's Club. Even my partner got creative and made this wonderful bedside decor (which is more than I've done):

Displaying image.jpeg

Dried flowers he had bought from a week earlier inside a small bag from Gucci. Isn't it just the most amazing idea ever!? Now I am thinking of doing a whole series of beautiful shopping bags and dried flowers.

Well, since my honey will be traveling and my dogs recovering from surgery (they got the snip snip), I am hoping to finally have time to get our apartment in some kind of order and post pictures (eventually).
Wish me luck! 

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