Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Safe Travels: blogging from my phone

I spent the last week thoroughly enjoy vacation in California with my lovely friend assisting in her wedding planning while she provided me a beautiful space to getaway! It was so refreshing to have no work, no dog, no worries for just a few days and to actively assist my friend as she continues her journey towards the aisle.  

I've been back to work for a couple days and am now repacking my suitcase for vacation part 2! I am thrilled to be heading home for the first time since November. I have found great joy in my work and home but am in need of some family love and some drinks with old friends. 

Now, you may be wondering how I am paying for all this. It's not easy I will tell you that! But I am working strategically in a tight budget in order to live life and enjoy some things like traveling. No, I still don't have furniture in my new apartment and I eat all the free food I possibly can but let me tell you... The struggle is worth it! I am now developing a bucket list for my 25th year on earth (I will post that soon) but in that includes some big ticket items that I would like to invest in for my own sanity and independence. I am looking forward to this upcoming year! Ya going to be fun! 

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